Qiwio (2021) Review- Ads-Free Video Hosting Solution

What is Qiwio?

  • It is an awesome video hosting platform offering CTA buttons, video forms, and questions so viewers can engage.
  • You can also create fully interactive, dynamic video funnels by modifying the content the viewer sees based on their answers to the video question.

Qiwio Features:

  • Collect emails through video forms, convert viewers to sales with video CTAs. Find out more about your viewers by introducing them to video questions, and more!
  • Every viewer gets his or her own unique video experience based on their answers to the video questions.
  • With a video player in which you do your business or brand customization such as Select colors, a logo, and a thumbnail.
  • Put videos on any platform, customize the player, and add powerful marketing tools for a longer engagement.
  • Users of the platform can share videos, gain people’s views, and grow their audience.
  • Tracks and analyzes your video performance so that you can learn more about everyone who watches them.
  • There will always be call-to-action buttons on the ready for you to use any time to ask viewers to take action right from your videos.
  • There are also multiple-choice questions that you can put anywhere in your video to keep the attention and gather information.
  • Uploading videos anywhere is easy with the app, and it automatically looks great even on mobile without writing a line of code.

Who is Qiwio for?

  • Video marketers need software that will allow them to edit their videos and market their content.
  • In addition, the Content creators want their videos to have more engagement.

How Does it Work?




  • Host your videos.
  • Embed it anywhere via iframe or share with a link
  • Add a Call-To-Action button inside your video
  • Collect emails and answers to questions for routing viewers to other videos
  • Based on your own customized rules
  • Perfect video funnel and lead generation system
  • Call to action UX not as flexible
  • Multiple video tasking is not supportable.
  • The resolution option feature such as — 1080p, 720p etc
  • A video display is a little slow.



Pricing Plans:

Qiwio Lifetime Deal

Final Verdict:

In short, Qiwio gives you everything you need to interact with your videos. And distribute the content across platforms, and collect leads. This enables you to go that extra mile to host videos without the risk of your viewers having to read some crappy ad.



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